Februar 2008 bis April 2008 | The Boxman


Die Göteborg Opera präsentiert das Ballet  The Boxman mit der 4. und 7. Symphonie von Avet Terterian.

Diese  Choreographie bildet den 1. Teil eines Balletabends.

Eine Collage aus Klang und Bildern von diesem Abend findet sich hier t http://web.mac.com/roosjoakim/iWeb/roosmedia/boxmanrod/,

Bilder der Aufführung gibt es auf der Webseite der Oper ebenso wie Probenphotos.

Die Aufführung wird auf der Webseite folgendermaßen angekündigt:

An evening of ballet in two parts with works by Fernando Melo and Örjan Andersson.
Music by Terterjan and Shostakovich, with the Göteborg Opera Orchestra.

Who is watching whom? When someone sees you, you exist. Sometimes it feels more comfortable to watch than to be watched. In ”Boxman” Fernando Melo plays with the concept of identity. Melo is fascinated by anonymous outsiders in the crowded masses, and how our behaviour changes when we are unobserved, or believe that we are unobserved. To capture these ideas in musical form, he has chosen music from the former Soviet Union, composed during the experimental, aleatory (by random selection) musical period. The music of the Armenian, Awet Terterjan, does not retain a steady pulse, but places demands on, and allows a degree of freedom of interpretation to both the dancers and the Göteborg Opera Orchestra, creating the atmosphere of the fringes of electronic music. This is a World Première.