Armenian Music

Armenian Music  is old and young at the same time.

Armenia being the oldest christian state in the world, it has a flourishing musical tradition with very old Sharakhan (hymns, dating back to the 4th and the 5th century). So you can say that Armenia is the motherland of the oldest european music.

In the 20th century, world famous composers like Aram Khatchaturian, Arno Babadjanyan and Avet Terterian created their unique music.

Armenian FolkMusic became known worldwide by their most famous interpret, Djivan Gasparyan.

Today,  after the end of the Soviet Union, the young republic of Armenia seems to have other targets than strengthening the cultural sector. So it is no wonder that many of the famous armenian musicians of our time are living abroad.

In this chapter here we will collect general information on armenian music.

View from Terterian's working room to the Lake Sevan
View from Terterian’s working room to the Lake Sevan