Avet Terterian’s 75th birthday

To celebrate the 75th birthday of Avet Terterian and to commemorate his work, the 6th symphony was performed open-air at the cascade in the city of Erivan, July 25. More than 2000 people listened to the music, conducted by Ruben Asatryan

PlaquetteJuly 27, a memorial plaquette was inaugurated at the house of composers in Dilidjan to commemorate the years which the composer spent here.

After the inauguration, the 7th symphony was played by loudspeakers, which were placed in the forest, and the last sounds were followed by natural sounds: accurately at the last sound, thunder started as well as a strong hail. A greeting from above.

July 29, friends gathered at the Lake Sevan to celebrate. Araik Bachtikian came from France, he played a Duduk.Solo in the small church of Arivank, followed by Heinz.-Erich Gödecke’s trombone-solo. Finally the joined into a small improvisation.

The celebrations in the house of Avet Terterian at Lake Sevan lasted 2 days.

Everything will be documentated here at terterian.org