Jan Panis, Ruben Terterian

15.04.2011 | The 6th Symphonie | radio 4

The dutch Radiostation radio 4 broadcasted the 6th Symphony, April 1424, 2011.

The name of the program: Rust Z8, a music program dealing with questions on death, eternal life and eternal nothing.
The works of 3 composers were presented:

James MacMillan
:  nunc dimittis
Alexander Raskatov – Alphabet of Death
Avet Terterian: 6th symphony

This radio program is well presented at the website http://rustz8.radio4.nl/ and accompanied by portraits of the composers and videos of the repetitions plus an interview with Ruben Terterian, music scientist and son of Terterian.


Jan Panis, Ruben TerterianRobert Nasveld, Ruben TerterianRobert Nasveld, Ruben Terterian, Svetlana Paskaleve

photos: (c) http://www.radio4.nl/fotoboek/15/rust-z8-het-concert.html