CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Terterian’s 85th birthday


Competition: Yerevan State Conservatory in collaboration with the Moscow and St. Petersburg Conservatories is pleased to announce an International Young Musicologists’ and Ethnomusicologists’ Research Contest dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Armenian composer Avet Terterian (1929-94).

Deadline: Contest is administered online, and it invites undergraduate and graduate students to submit proposals (by August 01, 2014) and research papers (by October 01, 2014) to terterianstudentcomp at

Details: Especially welcome are research papers that address the following issues:

  • Avet Terterian and Symphonic Form in the Twentieth Century
  • Avet Terterian and Opera in the Twentieth Century
  • and Terterian’s Aesthetics in the Context of Soviet Ideology and Parallel Cultures in the 1970-90s.

Research papers will be evaluated on the merits of their scholarly approach to the interpretation of the problem, appropriateness of the analytic framework, and implications of their findings for specific fields of study. The best research papers will be published in the periodicals of the Conservatories of Yerevan, Moscow and St. Petersburg in 2015; these are monthly scholarly journals for music professionals and collective work editions for the general public.

Guidelines for proposals: no more than 250 words. In your e-mail, please supply:

  • Name(s)
    Institutional or Other Affiliation
    E-mail Address
    Research Paper Title
    Proposal (max. 250 words)
    Author’s Biography (max. 100 words)

Guidelines for complete texts of a research papers: no more than 7,000 words (40,000 characters/20 pages).
Russian publication requires Times New Roman, 14-point font size, 1.5 spacing, PDF format.
Acceptable languages are English, German, Russian, and Armenian.

Title page must contain:

  • Full Name of the Author(s)
  • Institutional or Other Affiliation
  • Field and Level of Study
  • Research Paper Title
  • Full Name of the Academic Advisor and His/Her Academic Status
  • Author’s E-mail Address

Inquiries concerning the contest’s procedures should be directed to Dr. Narine Avetisyan, atanz1969 at

More Information: