Benjamin Meyer-Plutowski on Terterian

Benjamin Meyer-Plutowski studied composition and  musik theory at the  Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Vienna. He published an in-depth-article on Avet Terterian in his interesting Blog.

One of the main subjects of his text is Terterian’s personal color of melody and repetition and he carves out the differences between Terterian’s composition and the minimalism of american composers like Feldman f.e.

Terterian does not seems interested in melody but rather in building up kind of monumental soundscape (likewise in his Sixth Symphony). His device is repetition, and this puts him in the vicinity of the American minimalist composer. Nevertheless, I will argue that his music is as far away from minimal music as the music of Morton Feldman is.


Armenian Music / Culturescapes 2005

Festival Culturescapes 2005The Festival Culturescapes, which presented Armenia in 2005, published some articles on Armenian Culture  in PDF-Format:

  1.  Armenische Musik 
  2. Duduk – Instrument in Residence
  3. Tigran Mansurian  
  4. Tigran Mansurian im Gespräch

Unfortunately the concert of the Rosamunde Quartett, which planned to perform string quartetts by Mansurian and Terterian did not happen that time.