Klaus Schulz †

Klaus Schultz-273

Klaus Schulz died April 26, at the age of 66.

Schulz, artistic director and dramatic advisor, artistic director at the Theater am Gärtnerplatz München, realized the premiere of Terterian’s opera “Das Beben”.

 His impact on New and Contemporary Composed Music will not be forgotten.

Upcoming Concerts 2013

  1. Sunday, June  9,  the Ensemble Zeitsprung will perform Terterian’s 6th symphony in Munich.

    The date:June 9, 2013, 19:00, Munich, Carl-Orff-Saal im Gasteig

    Guests: Quasars Ensemble (Bratislava) and Via Nova Chor (Munich)

    Program: works byBenjamin Britten, Hans Schanderl,  Viera Janárčeková and Avet Terterian.


  2. The 4th Russian Chamber Music Fest Hamburg presents Avet Terterian:

    Friday, September 20, 20:00, David Grigorian (violoncello) and Ludmilla Lissovaja (piano) perform Terterian’s Sonata for Cello and Piano in the Kulturkirche Altona, Hamburg

The 5th Symphony in Moscow

The 5th Symphony was performed at the Seventh Festival of the World’s Symphony Orchestras in Moscow, June 1, 2012, directed by Murad Annamamedov.

The Seventh Festival of the World’s Symphony Orchestras, Festival 2012

The Festival of the World’s symphonic orchestras, organized in 2006, is held under the patronage of the President of the Russian Federation and is claimed to be one of the main events in the celebration of the Day of Russia.
Over the past six years the Festival has introduced the best European and Asian symphony orchestras and the most outstanding conductors of the age.

The main stage of the Festival is the Column Hall of the House of Union, with over 200 years of history, one of the most beautiful concert halls in Moscow.

Every year the Festival presents unique projects, such as the performance of the Joint Russian Symphonic orchestra, introduction of the most talented soloist from of Spivakov’s charitable international fund.

While keeping the over hall concept of the Festival, each year the organizers are coming up with unique ideas.
This year the organizers will introduce symphonic orchestras from America: Orchestra Symphonic National de Cuba, Orchestra Philharmonic de Bogota, and Houston Symphony Orchestra.

Festival of the Symphony-Orchestras of the worldJune 1, the  Yaroslavl Academic Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Murad Annamamedov performed two sets:
Part I: P. Tchaikovski – Symphony No. 5
Part II: Avet Terterian – Symphony No. 5, Solos in the orchestra Hagop Khalatyan (Kamancha, Armenia)

This concert was the opening concert of the 12-days-festival, as the first concert-evening was dedicated to Russia, other participating orchestras came from Cuba and Columbia..

Gennadi Rozhdestvensky attended that concert and after the concert, he remembered how he performed these symphonies as well many years ago.

There is a photo-gallery of this concert at the website of the festival: http://en.symphonyfest.ru/galery_one.html?cid=87


The Festival of the World’s Symphonic Orchestras, Moscow 2012

Yaroslavl Academic Symphonic Orchestra

Murad Annamamedov