Avet Terteryan’s Lines

Olga Victorova
Avet Terteryan’s Lines

Terteryan – the laboratory of sound.

In Terteryan’s
compositions, the sound is interpreted as a live model of the
universal processes. The sound and its components – pitch, duration,
dynamics and timbre, become the reference points of Terteryan’s
discoveries connected with the change of traditional concepts of
“theme”, “form”, “development of dynamics”,
and with the renovation of timbre means of symphony orchestra in
general, and also folk instruments, which are innermost part of
Terteryan’s symphonies. Avet Terteryan has declared the idea of the
development of the world culture history as development of a single
Universal program. It allowed him not only to perceive innovations of
the 20th century, but also to predict the future of the musical
art through his creation.

Avet Terteryan – Artist.
Teacher. Prophet.

Terteryan has considered the old capital of
Ural his second homeland. During a decade, since 1985 the great
Armenian composer’s music had been repeatedly performed in
Yekaterinburg, where he has found both his music performers and his
audience. During the 1993/94 season, in a difficult time for
Armenia, Terteryan taught at the Ural Conservatory. The Sverdlovsk
Philharmonic Orchestra includes all the 8 symphonies by
Terteryan in its repertoire. In 1994, during the preparations,
to a grandiose festival of his music, Avet Terteryan has passed
away… Avet Terteryan’s music always inspires his followers from
Yekaterinburg: painters – to draw pictures, stage directors and
choreographers – to make new performances, musicians – to organize
actions devoted to his memory, and to develop his ideas.