Avet Terteryan’s Works in the Focus of the Armenian Musicological Thought

Hasmik Stepanyan

Avet Terteryan’s Works in the Focus of the Armenian Musicological Thought

Avet Terteryan is one of the most prominent personalities of the modern Armenian art. His works have constantly excited a keen interest both among specialists and art lovers. Today it is valued as a peerless achievement of the national music, determining new perspectives in the Armenian modern professional musical art. Terteryan’s art is unique, being a result of the philosopher’s original world outlook. His sound world filled with the power of innovation can be compared to a many-sided crystal, where both the real life and the composer’s cosmic all-embracing comprehension are refracted.

The Armenian musicologists reveal gradually the new musical-cognitive layers and volumes of Terteryan’s music. After a period of time, their studies have resulted in some general conclusions. All the distinguished contemporary Armenian musicologists have turned to Terteryan’s music. Their competent and skillful writings have spread a new light over them.

The publications by I.Tigranova, G.Gyodakyan, K.Khudabashyan, A.Pahlevanyan, A.Saryan, M.Rukhkyan, A.Grigoryan and others have inspired the composer and favored his creative self-affirmation.

Terteryan’s art is a specific field of vision, giving rise to the new and unexpected musical values, immediately becoming a serious basis for the flight of musicological thought. The great composer’s ideas and reflections, his musical-philosophic understanding of life, the Universe and music, being written down, seriously promote this process. They are reflected in different scripts, referring to Terteryan’s works. They will always stimulate the new comprehension of his art.