Dedicatio by Suren Zakaryan

Karine Djaghatspanyan
Dedicatio by Suren Zakaryan

Dedicatio for chamber orchestra (1993, 2nd edition – 1995) is dedicated to Avet Terteryan. Suren Zakaryan is a Laureate of All-Union and
International Prizes, author of a number of large instrumental compositions that have been performed and highly appreciated by the specialists in
Armenia and abroad. Dedicatio was premiered in Yerevan in 1995 by the chamber soloists’ staff of the Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Ruben

In 2000, the American premiere of Dedicatio took place.

The piece conducted by Joel Sachs was successfully performed in the Lincoln-Center, NY. It is a one-movement open form musical composition. The music emerges as if from non-existence, and slips back after complicated reversals, melting in silence.

S.Zakaryan hasn’t been personally taught by Terteryan. Nevertheless, he has absorbed the prominent qualities of Terteryan’s creative experience and, in the whole, the new trends of the contemporary music. This kind of influence is natural, as Terteryan’s compositions are well-known to his contemporaries. And as the latter was comprehended and appreciated, it could have an impact on them.

However, there is no sign of style copying in S.Zakaryan’s piece. The same expressive means, passing through the filter of composer’s subjective outlook, create totally different (compared to Terteryan) musical images. They get different individual expressions and finally result in different philosophic synthesis.

In Dedicatio one can feel the composer’s individual outlook and style, as well as the tendencies of musical innovations of the 20th century. In the same time, the image of the esteemed teacher – Avet Terteryan, is latently present.