Two musicologists on Avet Terteryan

David Fanning wrote in a survey on soviet symphonic music:

Armenia is represented by the elegantly post-Honeggerian Symphony for strings and timpani by Edvard Mirzoyan (ASV); stronger representatives would be the brutalist symphonies of Mirzoyan’s pupil Avet Terteryan.


That’s really a strange judgement: brutalist symphonies

and at Rob Barnett wrote:

Hovhaness was way ahead of the mystic fashions of the 1960s and 1970s: hippiedom, TM, Indian mysticism (The Beatles visiting Maharishi Mahesh Yogi). The ethnic sound has become very popular these days so it is difficult to know why Hovhaness has not made more progress. You need only look at the rising reputation of Avet Terteryan (ASV and BMG Melodiya), whose regionally accented music is so distinctive, to wonder what has happened.

Yes, it’s true, Avet Terterian’s music gains more and more reputation!