The Symphonies

The great website offers 14 AudioFiles with the music of Avet Terterian.

All these sound files are in MP3-Quality.

As the connection of the armenian server is very poor, we got the openhearted permission to broadcast these files from

The aim of the MP3-Audio Library:

The MP3 audio library completed from the recordings of Armenian folk, classical and sacred music, the works of Armenian composers of different genres and trends, performances of Armenian musicians in varieties of styles and categories. We are not going to dictate our tastes and predilections to our listeners. Our goal is to give our listeners the opportunity to choose the music of their preference.
Terms & Conditions

The whole material (MP3 files) presented at this site is subject only to personal use and for familiarizing purposes. All rights on this music belong to their owners. If you liked some composition you should purchase a licensed CD or a tape. This material is subject only to preliminary listening. If you keep the musical files and don’t purchase a CD or a disc, you violate the right of Intellectual Property. The right on music belongs to its owners.
To prevent the commercial usage of the files some short time noises were added or cuttings were done.
Listen to the audiofiles!

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