Margarita Rukhian: “Аветр Тертерян. Творцество и жизнь”

BuchumschlagMargarita Rukhian: “Avet Terterian, work and life.”

Margerita Rukhian published this book in 2002 at the Publishing House Nairi, Erevan.

The book contents intensive information about the artistisc life of the composer, reflection on his artistic impetus and honors his unique compositorial qualities.
Additionally, it lists the compositions of Avet Terterian and the publications on  Avet Terterian.

The book is in russian language, but maybe we will find the means to have it translated.

Margerita Rukhian:
Avet Terterian. Work and Life.
Nairi Publishing House, Erevan – 9, Ul. Terjana, 91
2002, 246 pages